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Drake’s Influence

Drake being brought up by his English teacher mother in Toronto, Canada, he developed a way with words. His ability to use metaphors enabled him to grow a love for the rap game. Before being noticed for his ability to … Continue reading

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Commentary and Manifestos

Commentary I took this picture in the shopping center, Target, located in east Davis. This shop is popular in Davis and good deals of people who live in Davis often go shopping in Target to buy various things. This store … Continue reading

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Where the pride of belong to a nation comes from?

  While Surfing on the internet, specifically on Facebook, I saw a picture that caught my attention. This picture shows smiling people clapping their hands while a police car was passing through them. It happened April 20 when the cops … Continue reading

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Fast America, Slow America

Commentary      This print was created in late 1800s by Charles Graham (American, 1852–1911). The name of this print is The New York and Brooklyn Suspension Bridge from the Brooklyn Side. As the name of this print, in the image … Continue reading

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Edie Sedgwick, who lived hyperreality

Commentary Edie Sedgwick, who lived hyperreality She is Edie Sedgwick in this image. She was Andy Warhol’s superstar and America’s it girl in 1960s. Also, Edie was Andy Warhol’s muse and participated in his factory as a model and actress. … Continue reading

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American Girl And Chinese Boy

American Girl And Chinese Boy Everyone has their own America, and the pieces of a fantasy America make a integrated America. The picture blow is my fantasy of America. The girl in the picture called Tiffany Alvord, the boy called … Continue reading

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The right of lefty

 ‘The right of lefty’ In San Francisco, March 27th, I took this photo on Lefty’s when I went to the left hand store. This store is located at Pier 39 which is shopping center in San Francisco. Lefty’s sells a … Continue reading

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Manifesto – Sally Park

      <Commentary>              The picture that is on the top is from the CBC news article “North Korea in dire need of food” from August 2, 2012. This was taken by Kim Kwang Hyon who is a journalist … Continue reading

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Broken Dream

(Lady scaring the sea gull away) Boy: why is she toughing the sea gull? Father: (silent) Lady: oh I am just trying to say Hi to the sea gull. (Walks away) A sea gull has it’s inherit right to be. … Continue reading

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America, the warmth and communication

America Full of warmth Bright and warm as the warm spring sunshine of California The sunshine bounces into the marble floor of the ‘Getty center’ Generalized warmheartedness is covering your head to toe From forest of buildings of New York … Continue reading

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The Potluck

Transcript under the cut.

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Need vs. Want in America

Dear America, You are a world of different meanings.  “America” is a term that has a different meaning for everyone.  Each explanation or description of America has been influenced by an individual’s personal history with how the term affects them.  … Continue reading

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America: War on Terrorism

Manifesto   Dear, President Obama. Hello, I’m Soojin Sim. I’m a college student from South Korea, majoring in International Studies and having a great interest in peace study. Furthermore, I am now studying at UC Davis as an exchange student … Continue reading

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Why people love Starbucks

  Dear Starbucks, Thank you for having delicious drinks everyday. Everyone loves your drinks so much that they will wait patiently in that long line. You also have an atmosphere that makes us so relaxed that we want to stay … Continue reading

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America Like a Cocktail

These days a lot of people enjoy cocktail. Especially it is loved in America. We can find it almost everywhere in America, without exception. It is one of the light refreshments, and almost everyone drinks it when they need some beverage … Continue reading

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