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Final Homework: What I learned from the AMS30!

Before I took this class, I just had a simple and fragmentary idea about what the U.S. is. I thought America is a land of freedom and diversity, and somewhat individualistic. However, after taking this class, I found out that … Continue reading

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Declaration of the Unjustifiable war

As I first faced the term “war on drugs,” I came up with two main ideas. First, I thought it would be a reasonable and rational policy that can keep people from taking drugs and make society more stable. However, … Continue reading

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America: War on Terrorism

Manifesto   Dear, President Obama. Hello, I’m Soojin Sim. I’m a college student from South Korea, majoring in International Studies and having a great interest in peace study. Furthermore, I am now studying at UC Davis as an exchange student … Continue reading

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