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Dear, President Obama.

Hello, I’m Soojin Sim. I’m a college student from South Korea, majoring in International Studies and having a great interest in peace study. Furthermore, I am now studying at UC Davis as an exchange student and taking American Study class to learn about America much more deeply. Also, this would be the second time discussing about security of the world since I’ve met you before when you visited my university to address a speech about the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and the world peace. I was totally impressed by your speech that concerns about security of the world.

Firstly, I am greatly honored to have an opportunity to write you a letter. I’m writing this letter to present my personal thought and opinion about war on terrorism. Also, I want to talk about my perspective about what should the U.S. government take action about it and what the U.S.’s role should be, and want to discuss about the way to gain the world peace.

To begin with, as a citizen of South Korea, where the war is not ended yet, and always having fear about the war and the terror from the North, and as a person who lives in the U.S. now, I want to express my sorrow for the loss of Boston last month. I’m sorry for the innocent casualties, and feeling strong hostility toward the terrorists, too.

Our world seems to be stabilizing in terms of sporadic conflict that had been spurring in the early 21st century, but still there are extremists who commit terrorist acts upon the innocent people, bringing fear and disharmony in our society as one can see from the incident of Boston. Likewise, the world is now threatened by numerous terrorist groups and is now facing the situation of war on terrorism, happened in 21st century, again.

In the 21st century, when the 9.11 terror occurred, a bunch of innocent people died and injured, and this put the whole world into confusion and a threat of the terrorists. Then the President George W. Bush invaded Middle East under the name of war on terrorism. He assumed that the Middle East would possess weapons of mass destruction and invaded them under the name of spreading liberty and democracy. However, the possession of weapons of destruction came out to be false information, but the fact that the President Bush attempted to get the full access to the Middle East oil was came out to be true. Therefore, the war on terror was a justification of access of resources from other countries and it inversely amplified the fear of vindictive terrors. This deprived of the U.S’s role as the world police. Also, war on terror made much more countries to be enemy with the U.S. and made them to be more alert and watchful against the United States. In personal opinion, I think this caused the deteriorate incidents such as Boston terror by making more enemies against the United States.

Therefore, from now on, the U.S. should regain its role as the world police and keep the world into peace. You should not think about the profit of invading other countries and reject thoughtless and reckless attacks on terrorists group. As you, president, are pursuing multilateralism, you should cooperate with other countries in order to deter the further terrorisms, and try to press anti-American terrorist attacks by peaceful way such as persuading or communicating rather than just indiscreetly invading them. And in some cases, flexibly, you can also using unilateralism, and need to be tough with the world threat. However, it doesn’t mean that you should attack them or invade them under the name of war on terror, but it means that you need to be tough and strong about the world threat group by isolating from the world society or imposing great taxation upon them.

I wish for the advent of the world without invasions and terrors. I wish for the world without desire of expansion of their power and greed to deprive resources of other countries. Then, I strongly believe that America, the country of the world police, can lead the world into peace.

Best Regards,

Soojin Sim.

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2 Responses to America: War on Terrorism

  1. soojinsim says:

    The Commentary

    When people think of America, there are some concepts come across mind. America is known for its freedom, diabetes, military power, diversity, and so on. For me, the first thing that came across my mind was “Terrorism”. And this image appeared in a 2010 article by the famous leftist activist and academic Noam Chomsky. The article was about a critique of war on terrorism.
    Last month, two bombs exploded at Boston marathon. This was the second time since 9.11 occurred that threatened the world peace. Since these chains of events had happened in America, now, America is becoming known as a target of terrorist attacks. To prevent this from happening, in 2001, President George W. Bust invaded Middle East under the name of “War on terrorism”. Many people critique how President Bush tried to justify his actions to make profit in the regions of Middle East by accusing the Osama bin la den’s terrorist organization and the despotic government regime of Saddam Hussein under the name of spreading liberty and democracy (Thomas 23). What was the purpose of this war, and what should its national memory have been? As with the first Persian Gulf War, the government never adequately answered the question of how this war defended the national interest (Marita 124). And they did it by making false information of acquisition of weapons of mass destruction by those counterparts. Therefore, war on terrorism didn’t get rid of terror but inversely, it amplified the fear of World War Ⅲ (Thomas 5).
    Noam Chomsky’s image was created for criticizing how the war on terrorism makes other conflicts and makes world unstable. It shows how war on terror pours oil on sequent terrors. In other words, it portrays how war on terror conversely triggers terrorism. It’s ironic that the image is of a gasoline can because it portrays the US’s desire to access to Middle East oil. A personal reason for picking this image as manifesto is to show the contradictory expansion of America. The war on terrorism literally has a paradox in that getting rid of terrorism by launching a terror. The war on terror toward the Middle East countries made bunch of innocent citizen casualties and infringed human rights of many people. Also, it damaged not only Middle East countries but also the U.S. itself, and drove the world into a total annihilation by taking people from all over the world into a war.
    Moreover, this has happened elsewhere. The film “War on Democracy” draws a light on the ‘dark side of the moon’ of what the US has done to South America. As the expression ‘dark side of the moon’ connotes, it portrayed the gap distance between the reality that we were taught and the ‘True’ reality depicted in the film. For example, as most of people have believed and were taught, Hugo Chavez was depicted as the malicious despot who greatly harms the peace and the value of liberal democracy while in reality he was the most democratic president and was full of praise of the citizens of Venezuela. The U.S manipulated media and attempted to overthrow the Chavez government in order to get full access to their oil and total control of the country.
    Also, one can find out this US imperialism over other countries in “Elbow Room” video clip. This video shows an expansion of the US to the West coast. The US attempted to get access to resources such as land, wood, etc by crossing other West coast continents. This portrays the US’s desire for space and U.S. frontier individualism.

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  2. rmkwakazono says:

    Your image is very interesting to me because I had not noticed that the oil in the image showed the U.S desire’s to access to Middle East Oil when the US invaded Middle East until you described it. When I think about the bad image of America, I came up with freedom. However, America is open to many countries, this causes terrorism. As you mentioned, 9.11 and the Boston marathon bombing actually occurred, and they have been threatening the U.S and other countries all over the world. Because of these terrors, many innocent people died and it brought us sorrow. Moreover, I personally think that gun is also the bad result of freedom. I heard several news about gun shootings happened in the U.S in the past few decades. However, I also heard that now the President of Obama has been trying to have more strict law having guns, and many people are also alert to this issue. As you said, America can lead the world into peace by communicating with other countries not by invading or attacking the countries. In Japan, after the World WarⅡ, we declared that we have no more war and weapons which massacre people. I also hope the war between North Korea and South Korea will come to an end.

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