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Private probation companies profiting off of the poor (Augusta, GA) An Augusta, GA NBC News Article on “Cash Register Justice” “In most cases, the system works like this: A person is issued a summons for a relatively minor crime, such … Continue reading

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Race — The House We Live In

Here’s an excellent 6 minute clip on the racial history of suburb creation that I lectured about during the last class. This history continues to shape our current lived environments.

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A few weeks ago I found another news article about contemporary forms of “Playing Indian.” Similar to the cases we talked about in class, connections to the land / fear of urban transformations are central. Hip households in New York … Continue reading

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Banksy’s Re-use of the Accidental Napalm Image

In this image, Banksy, a controversial British street artist, draws connections between the consumer culture we learned about in the beginning of the course and the military violence we’re focusing on in our current module. Learn more about his work … Continue reading

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