American Girl And Chinese Boy


American Girl And Chinese Boy

Everyone has their own America, and the pieces of a fantasy America make a integrated America. The picture blow is my fantasy of America. The girl in the picture called Tiffany Alvord, the boy called Jason Chen. Tiffany Alvord told her fans in one of her concert that they get know each other because they are singing lovers. The picture was taken on their vocal concert called West Coast Tour, which held in Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, on April 21st. I went their vocal concert with my friend Yubo, who is a shutterbug. I am so grateful that he kept the beautiful moment by taking the picture. The reason I pick this picture is they represent for me the strengths of Americans and the weakness of Chinese, and also their different attitude to life.

I went to their vocal concert not because I was their big fan, but because they were dream practitioners in my eyes. From Tiffany Alvord’s Home Page <;, I know she was born on December 11, 1992 in California and she posted her first video on YouTube in April of 2008 when she was only fifteen years old. More admirable is she created her own song since she was ten years old, and her inspiration of these songs usually came from individuals and events around her, or the images and dreams in her mind. I view this is America spirit of creative, because most people in America have such spirit that there is no wonder why America is the most developed country in the world. John Gast showed America spirit of creative in his painting, where there has technology, there has light. But compare to Tiffany Alvord, I cannot find spirit of creative from the Chinese boy Jason Chen. He was born in 1988, a new generation musician. Though he grew up in United States, his parents still teached him Chinese, so he covered a lot of Chinese songs and became a well known singer. His cover workers have been played for more than six million time in youku and also been played more twenty seven million times in youtobe. He has over fourteen fans on facebook and has over thirty thousand users of his video. <; However, he did not own his own songs, and he became a star was because he was a outstanding cover. Yubo made him stood in the picture, he thought every Chinese, who on their own efforts to get success, was deserve others’ respect. However, not a Chinese appeared in “Golden Spike Ceremony” , though they made a great contribution to train build. I know it is not easy to a singer in America, especially for a foreigner, but Jason Chen made himself to be a minor celebrity in America, we can image how great effort he made.

It is true that mediums only reflect part of celebrities’ life, or even make up their lives. Just as Andy Warhol said in his paper, “The media can turn anyone into a half-peron, and it can make anyone think that they should try to become a half-person as well.” However, Tiffany Alvord succeed in shaping her imagine through mediums, because I was convinced that she was a beautiful little girl and believe that is true herself. I think the most important thing to celebrities is to gain their fans’ conviction about what they said and what they did in medium. Not every celebrities is willing to show their weakness or the evil side to fans, like Andy Warhol said, “no matter how perfectly someone’s got their personality going, it’s never as good as their real life.” the reason I was convinced by Tiffany Alvord is she did not only show her beauty to us, but also her weakness in daily life. She expressed her true love to a boy through her songs, and talked their sad story. Her image to me is she tries to be herself and I appreciate this kind stars, they are the same person in media and in their life. I became Tiffany Alvord’s fan after listening her stories through her songs.

Manifestos of American Girl and Chinese Boy

Hello and welcome to Talk Music. I’m Lorraine Hahn. Today, we have the great pleasure and honor to have Tiffany Alvord and Jason Chen, famous singer in United States. They showed genius when they were young and their song show everyone that they are the best! Now, let’s welcome Tiffany Alvord and Jason Chen.

TV host: It’s so good to see you two. Thanks for coming Talk Music.

Tiffany Alvord: It’s great to see you.

TV host: So many fans of yours here today, is it your dream to be a famous singers?

Jason Chen: It was always my ambition deep in my heart. You know, for any musician, it is tough. But it makes me happy to be a singer, especially when my fans enjoy my music.

TV host: Did you have a good voice when you was young?

Tiffany Alvord: Yes, I did. I posted my first video on YouTube in April of 2008 when I was only fifteen years old. And I created my own song since I was ten years old.

TV host: Ten years old? Impossible.

Tiffany Alvord: My parents encourage me to do whatever I like, and I think that is America spirit. Not only in music, but in our daily life. I remember my teacher in elementary school always encouraged us to try new things. Sometimes we draw wired pictures, but our teacher never mad at us. I think creative spirit needs encouragement.

TV host: The mediums has made what you are, and as Andy Warhol said, “The media can turn anyone into a half-peron, and it can make anyone think that they should try to become a half-person as well.” What do you think?

Tiffany Alvord: Mediums really give me a sense of fulfillment. If we’re talking about fulfillment as accomplishment or consequence, as a kind of effort to change something, then mediums is on the top of list. But I don’t like to hide my weakness to my fans, I prefer to show true myself. I don’t want to mislead my fans that I’m a perfect person because I’m goog at singing, but I want my fans know I’m normal people, I have weakness, and I need their encouragement.

Jason Chen: That is true to me, fans have the right to know us, but not only the good aspect of us. As the Chinese old saying goes, “to err is human”, no one is perfect.

TV host: Your West Coast Tour concert was a great success, which held in Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, on April 21st, is that encourage you a lot?

Jason Chen: Yes. And I think it would not be so successful without fans’ support, so we want to thank fans here.

TV host: what medium of experience you prefer, and why?

Tiffany Alvord: I prefer blogs, I have my own home page. And when I write something there, I don’t have to think of anything other than what I want to express, that’s an absolute sense of freedom.

Jason Chen: To me, it may be Facebook. It is a easy way to let my fans know what I am doing.

TV host: You have travel all over the world, you have seen places like Bahrain, Malaysia, China. Is there a track where you can say to people?

Jason Chen: Well, indeed it is. Actually I’m a Chinese boy, half of my time is in China and half is in America. To me, the difference between these two countries maybe is the ability of creative. I love singing, so does Tiffany, but she has her own songs, I am just a cover. So, I think it is a big deal for Chinese to have such creative spirit.

TV host: Right, right. Now we are going to have a very short break. When we return,we’ll get Tiffany and Jason to share their thoughts on pop musics. Stay with us. 

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