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I took this picture in the shopping center, Target, located in east Davis. This shop

is popular in Davis and good deals of people who live in Davis often go shopping in

Target to buy various things. This store aroused controversy and criticism at one time.

In this Manifesto, first, I would like to briefly describe the history of building the Target

in Davis. After showing Target’s history, I want to move to the main point of this

commentary, why I decided to pick out this picture.

There were a lot of disputes whether we should build the Target or not. Opponents

against Target insisted that this change would bring about several disadvantages. For

example, building the Target in east Davis would increase traffic jam and accidents. In

addition, Target would have a bad influence on many kinds of shops in Davis downtown

because people could buy almost everything in Target. On the other hand, those who

agree with this change claimed that this would increase people’s shopping and,

consequently, get sale taxes, contributing to the development of Davis. Furthermore,

Target would need a number of employees, so it definitely would solve the

unemployment problem. After all, the election to decide which way is better took place

on November 7, 2006 and more people agreed with building the Target in Davis.

Then, I’m going to focus on the main point, why I took up this photo for Manifesto.

That’s because I wanted this picture to describe the overconsumption in the U.S and

overconsumption, in my opinion, represents the U.S culture. The most surprising thing

that I found after I came here the U.S is that there is tons of food and drink in America

and people here consume a great deal of things every day. As one of the most prominent

examples of this overconsumption in America, I’d like to mention party that often takes

place here. Host at a party lines up a variety of dishes and drinks on the table. People in

the party use lots of paper plates and cops and then after the party finishes, host throw

remains of dishes directly into a trash box, although they can be still edible. As a result,

the party produces a rubbish heap at one time.

The main cause which tends to make people in the U.S consume huge amounts is

the likeness for “now”. When I discussed about overconsumption in the U.S with one

professor, she said that mostly American people have a tendency to think about only

“now”, the present situation surrounding them, so, for instance, they purchase a lot and

discard them without taking into consideration the bad influences that garbage will

have on our nature in the future. In “America”, the author, Andy Warhol, who was an

American artist, also suggests that “There is no country in the world that loves “right

now” like America does” (P27).

According to the article “Global Food Losses and Food Wastes” by Jenny

Gustavsson Christel Cederberg, one-third of food produced for consumption, which is

roughly 1.3 billion tons, are uselessly discarded every year in the world even if they are

good and fresh enough for us to eat. Target is a really good example of this

overconsumption. The amount of food wasted in developed countries per capita is much

more than that in developing countries. It is estimated that the amount of food wasted

by each person in the U.S and Europe is 95-115 kg/year, but, on the other hand, only

6-11 kg/ year of food is wasted by each person in Sub-Saharan Africa and

South/Southeast Asia.

 If the consumers in developed countries keep behaving in the same way, the

situation in developing countries will get worse and worse. So, people in the U.S as the

most developed country should be aware of the other countries’ situation and also lead

other people in high-income countries to be seriously aware of it and take some action

for it.




Deliver to the City Council of Davis

City Hall Community Chambers,

 23 Russell Blvd (From A to B street),CA



I insist that Davis council should not increase grocery stores any more in

Davis. We already have several good grocery stores. If the number of grocery

stores in Davis is increased further, there will be several bad effects on Davis

society. For instance, it would increase traffic jam and traffic accidents and

bring about environmental damage because of the car fumes produced by

cars. Additionally, if the Davis government allows more grocery stores to be

built in Davis, it would promote overconsumption in Davis. People would buy

a lot of foods, drinks and other products in new grocery stores. This would

definitely increase the amount of garbage in Davis and there would be more

and more people who become fat because of the grocery stores that provide

great foods and drinks. So, the city council should introduce a law that will

not allow more grocery stores to be built in Davis.


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You can use this form as your protest letter, or you can submit a letter of your own, including the required information listed. Only protest letters against the increase of grocery stores need to be submitted. Otherwise no action is needed.

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