America, the warmth and communication

Image America

Full of warmth

Bright and warm as the warm spring sunshine of California

The sunshine bounces into the marble floor of the ‘Getty center’

Generalized warmheartedness is covering your head to toe

From forest of buildings of New York to Mother nature of the Grand Canyon,

An enormous grin spread across your face

Hey, Harrings!

Why don’t you replace your painting, the earth inside the heart

with the Stars and Stripes.

Instead of twinkle stars, studded on the flag,

there are hearts all over the Old Glory.

How warm it is!

I brought my old Victrola and played the Star Spangled Banner.

Someone sneezes


You speaks quite openly even with someone that you meet for the first time

‘Bless you’

I do not even know you

However, my heart is filled with your warmth

i wear new dress today

We were all strangers at that time,but you said to me like this

‘you look gorgeous’

A smile rested on my lips.

Another smile flickered in your face when i smiled at you

It is communication between you and us

I know that your behaviors are not false pretenses or hypocrisy.

However, some people talk ill of you.

‘Your acts are reflections of hiding fact!’

Don’t say that useless you want to do America dirt!

These are the warmth and communication between others

as ‘a way of life’ to America.

From time to time, i envy you!

Because i am afraid of communication breakdown,

turning away their faces.

As if small things can change the world, your acts can change the world

Hey, Baudrilliard!

Do you still think that there is no truth in America?

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3 Responses to America, the warmth and communication

  1. jeongyeon Ha says:

    This image is a painting by Keith Harings. This ‘untitled’ painting was completed in 1985. Keith Allen Haring was an artist and social activist whose work responded to the New York City street culture of the 1980s. By expressing concepts of birth, death and war, he has become a widely recognized artist of the 20th century.
    In this painting, two hands grab the heart. Also at the bottom part of this painting, there are the figurations of people. The globe and the heart can be the keywords of this painting.
    The reason I chose this image is that it perfectly fits with my own interpretation of what America means to me. I define what America means in two words. The warmth and communication. In this painting, I can feel warmth through the upper part of this painting and communication between people through the bottom part of the painting.
    In my opinion, warmth and familiarity become a way of life for Americans. Small and simple acts which can express warmheartedness towards others are generalized. To me,it is really surprising that people in America feel no reluctance in praising others who they just met on the street. They praise passerby for their clothes, hair style and accessories despite not knowing each other. Moreover, Americans commonly say ‘bless you” to others when someone sneezes. When it comes to this, from Baudrillard’s point of view, these acts would be considered reflections of hiding the fact that they have nothing to say nor their total indifference to others. However, my opinion is diametrically opposed on this issue. In my opinion, it is the warmth which becomes a way of life for Americans, and it would be the indicator which reflects their citizenship, the higher level of consciousness related to a part of relationship between people.
    I think these qualities are generalizable to all Americans because Americans have a shared history, environment and value. Of course, it cannot be applied to every person but it can be the cultural characterization of America.Like as the fact that there are different kinds of national characters in the world, these qualities can be the fundamental traits owhich is a valued and inherent part of the americans to me.
    For instance, people in Korea do not act like this. Over time, people in Korea usually show unresponsiveness towards others, and it is even getting frighteningly cynical to others whom they do not really know. These days, as a whole society is overflowing with individualism, indifference to strangers is not surprising.Americans’ behavior would be the minimum amount of effort to others regardless of its
    motivation or underlying meanings.
    There are societies that do not even show these warm acts to others. In my point of view, it does not mean that Americans have no identities just like Baudrillard said. It could even be the one of identities of Americans when it comes to the warmth and communication between others as a way of life.
    Also according to Baudrillard, he mentioned about pans. He compares the pan in which the water does not touch the bottomof the pan to artificial and superficial communication of Americans. However, according to my previous viewpoint, Americans’ warm and friendly behavior toward others could be a form of communication. Of course, from Baudrillard’s interpretation of what America means to him , these acts would be emptiness and also communication without touching. In my opinion, this is a kind of communication. Baudrillard says it is communication on the surface without touching but the thing is that it works. That is, the communication works and i think it seems good for me to see the warmth through these small acts in America.

  2. cdowens says:

    Awesome last line to your poem!

  3. I would like to say that I cannot agree you. Yes it is true that it seems that this country is full with warmth and communication, but I think this is only the surface, the beautiful skin. Under the skin, there is also coldness and miscommunication. As I know, there are more and more homeless people appearing in Davis, they stay in the library, near the swimming. The smile from stranger might make you feel warm and it’s true that the smiles show the friendliness from them. However, what can the homeless people do with the smiles? They cannot live in the smile and they can not use the smile to buy any food or clothes. Last Friday there was a crime on campus, which is possibly a hate crime. I think this is a example that how the communication is actually not going as effective as we might thought before. I have even more examples about the smiles happen in our daily lives which reflects not the warmth but the coldness and emptiness. Warmth and harmony is what we all expect, but the truth is nor always the same as we expect, we should admit that under the beautiful skin of warmth and communication, there are corners that sunshine has nor reached yet.

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