Broken Dream

Broken Dream

(Lady scaring the sea gull away)
Boy: why is she toughing the sea gull?
Father: (silent)
Lady: oh I am just trying to say Hi to the sea gull. (Walks away)

A sea gull has it’s inherit right to be. Why do you test its comfort zone? I was taught to respect all living things, human or animals or plants. Treat them as I want to be treated. Although I am much bigger than the sea gull, I was told not to use my size to oppress it. Sea gulls are very important in their existence…..

Matthew 6:25 Are you not much more valuable than they?

In America, there are a lot of poor people.
Much more than our assumptions allow.
The sick, the homeless, the hopeless.
In America, there are a lot of resources available.
Much more than we can imagine
But it all goes to the same people.
Their number grows even faster after the crisis.
But who would have imagined the poor being so alive.
At every freeway exit they resides.
Expecting what honor and respect will provide.
This dream will surely last, I said to myself.
But on that day that reality hit, it left with the rest.

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2 Responses to Broken Dream

  1. whlam2013 says:

    The following is a short interaction between a little boy fishing with his dad and an Asian lady pretend to touch the sea gull but actually is trying to scare it away.
    Boy: why is she toughing the sea gull?
    Father: (silent)
    Lady: oh I am just trying to say Hi to the sea gull.(walks away)
    This picture was taken on a sunny yet windy afternoon in Santa Cruz’s municipal wharf, outside of the beach boardwalk where thousands of tourists visits daily. This picture portrays a sea gull standing on a wooden boundary designed to prevent people from falling into the sea. This picture was taken while standing very close to the sea gull as the phone camera that I used doesn’t provide much zoom. I took this picture in awe of the sea gull’s confident and its lack of awareness of harm that I may do to it. Due to the many visitors throughout the year, these animals around the wharf are used to seeing strangers and are immune to the fear of human interactions.
    The sea gulls have learned over the year that they are well protected and provided for. They are confident of their safety within the region, knowing that no actual harm will be done to them. They live in a place where abusers are rebuked, even by a 4 years old boy. They are also aware of the fact that although there are signs set up to discourage feeding, the amount of food from the leftovers is enough to sustain all the sea gulls and more. Therefore, there is relatively less events of fighting and chasing between birds within the region.
    Americans, living under the same culture, have very similar behaviors. With a mature law system, everyone is protected. Abusers are expected to be prosecuted. At the same time, social security provides for all the necessity to a certain extent. This kind of protection and provision allows people to live the life they choose to live. People get to be successful in their respective field because they know that they can take risk as the worse that they will ever get is this type of protection and provision. People get to be who they want to be, and they are not only because they chooses not.
    In this way, the sea gull in itself is a representation of the American Culture. It represents the protection, provision and the promise of prosperity that the American Dream can provide.
    Although the protection, provision, prosperity analogue sounds very good, it is confronted by reality as false, which leads to the reason that I chose this picture. I chose this picture because I wanted to expand on Andy Warhol’s idea that one can acquire many free things, but the ones who are poor, ones that truly needed it weren’t given (Warhol, 14). One would imagine that in a difficult time like this, the poor would be taken care of. But instead, governmental programs that aids the poor is getting cut, and the needy are left to survive on their own. As a result, they are scattered at street corners and freeway exits to ask for change.
    In my manifesto of America, I want to emphasize on the contradiction of having and failing to meet an ideology. With such a diverse population, it is very hard to satisfy every opinion. Compromise is the best we can do and I believe this is one of the core problems of America that arise directly from the diversity we are so proud of.

  2. aniyabaker3 says:

    I found your manifesto quite refreshing. From the very beginning I was drawn in. The idea that we as people are not above anything is what captivated me. I always viewed equality on the subject of human beings. The story of the lady scaring off the sea gull is what brought me to the realization of the “bigger picture.” I was unaware of exactly how much the comfort zones of others were tested. Also, the fact that you related Andy Warhol’s idea of one acquiring many free things, but the ones who are poor and truly needing it were not taken care of, was straight on. Not only are the comfort zones of others tested, but the people in society who need help the most, are overshadowed by things given to individuals already well off. I sincerely enjoyed your manifesto and wholeheartedly agreed.

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