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What I have learned from this class (and in college!)

In this class, I have learned how complex America really is. We are the only nation that calls itself the “Land of the Free” yet inequalities can be seen every day. We are the nation who incarcerates a high percentage … Continue reading

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Internet Memes: The New Culture in an Undefined Age

Internet Memes: The New Culture in an Undefined Age Many say we are living in the Technology age – obsessed wit h the newest gadgets and our Facebook news feed. Others would say the current generation is living in the … Continue reading

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Foucault and Manifest Destiny: Analyzing the Discourse of Schoolhouse Rock’s “Elbow Room”

In Michel Foucault’s theory of representation, instead of focusing on language, he focuses on the idea that discourse is what ultimately produces knowledge and meaning. In the context of Foucault’s theory, the term discourse refers to “a group of statements … Continue reading

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