what i have learned from this class

Personally i was really happy to take this class because i can learn and expose myself to several, different aspects of America as an exchange student. As an exchange student, who come to America to learn not only english but also cultural, historical and political issues of America, it was a perfect class. Also, by studying reading materials before the class, i think i can also improve my reading skill and vocabulary. I think i will remember that various things are connected together and affects each other. We mainly learn about drawing connection to another reading. I realized that there are so many things that i did not know about America and these several aspects of America help me to understand what America is and make me think deeply about America. Also it was really helpful to listen other students’ opinion from different nations and cultures. It was an opportunity to debate our opinion in a group and american students’ opinion was also very helpful.

To me, the most interesting and helpful thing in this class was writing the manifesto. I have not heard about what manifesto is before i took this class. By writing manifesto, i can deepen my own thought toward America and be creative. I am thankful that i can be creative and learn about diverse aspects of America through this class and make friends from different culture.

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