What I learned from AMS 30

I truly learned a lot from this class throughout this quarter. I initially decided to take this class just because I thought I didn’t know much about America, and finally I got to prepare myself with some knowledge about America, thus satisfying my first goal. However, beyond that, I also learned how America is being socially and politically perceived around the world through the construction and circulation of its image. I was able to come up with only the image of “Coca cola” at the beginning of the course when I was asked to write down what can represent America the best. However, now I have so many complicate and diverse ideas and thoughts that I can present confidently to my other friends when I think about America.

“Coca Cola” was proved to be the only one aspect of America. Beyond that concept of consumer culture, nationalism, violence, resistance, social movement, national identity and Native American are the great sources that can also explain how America works. Personally, I was truly interested in learning how American people built up the national identity through “playing Indian”. This is because how people who have diverse ethnicity background are able to form a community and live all together was one of my big questions that I had about America. Knowing the political implication of Native American and its influence that still exists in America society was academically interesting enough to catch my attention. Also, learning the image of Vietnam War and CNN effect of Gulf War was a good opportunity for me to know what political process did America go through in the time of the War and how did that connect to the rest of the world.

These things will remain in my mind even after the 10 years from now on, and keep influencing how I look America and how I interpret the future image of America.


About sallypark25

Hello, I'm Sally. I'm exchange student from Korea. I've been here for 7 months and I plan to go back to my country after this quarter. I like chatting with my friends, discovering fancy restaurants, and going to the street market when I travel abroad. I want to gain the better understanding about America through this class, hoping that I can say with confidence that I know a lot about America at the end of this class. Nice to meet you guys!
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