What I have learned from this class (and in college!)

In this class, I have learned how complex America really is. We are the only nation that calls itself the “Land of the Free” yet inequalities can be seen every day. We are the nation who incarcerates a high percentage of our citizens but we still stand for freedom. What I have learned from this class, and college in general (since I am graduating in less than a week! ), is how there are multiple layers of meanings and interpretations that complicates every issue.  There are many sides to every issue and there is never an easy answer. By choosing to see only one side of an issue and neglecting the other side allows for the opposing side to go unheard and unnoticed. It is always important to question your belief in an idea or institution and always consider the opposite side before making up your mind. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask questions if a popular belief makes you uncomfortable!

What I will remember in 10 years from this class is not to call the United States simply America because it ignores all the other countries that are a part of North, Central, and South America. I had no idea of the implications of calling our country America! But now I understand why it really annoys people!  🙂

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