What I have learned from AMS 30 class

At first, I registered this AMS 30 class because it was the first time to come to America as an exchange student and I wanted to learn about American culture more deeply. As I took the class, the professor taught us with a lot of interesting materials such as images and video clips. Especially, I can still remember ‘the Elbow Room’ video and ‘Love and hope’ song. And actually, this class required a lot of reading. So, it was hard for me to read all the reading materials every class. But I learned main historical events of America as well as pop art such as Andy Warhol through this class. It was a good opportunity for me to learn pop culture and consumer society in 1960s of America. Also, I could extend my limited thinking about America and see the United States with a variety of views and perspectives.

The thing I will remember the most 10 years from now was taking this AMS class with so many students from many different countries. Especially, it was a great time to speak my own idea and compare my thought with others in discussion time.

Thank you for such an awesome class!

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