The thing I’ve learned

<What I learned from this American Studies class>

As a student who is majoring in International Relations, I always have been interested with different culture. Due to the characteristic of International Relations, there are many different students from various cultures and countries in my home university, my department, even though Korea is not racially separated. Before I came to the United States, I just studied about political, economic, and diplomatic background about international affairs. However, when we deal with it in reality, the most essential thing is to interpret each country’s culture and unique way of thought below superficial meaning, likewise they all have own identifiable diplomatic strategies which are reflected the culture. In this context, what I learned from this class in this quarter is really informative and valuable to expand my knowledge academically, historically, and culturally. All of the subjects such as history, culture, identity, and government were interesting. I have studied about American Studies in Korea, and there were several overlapped topic, but the point of view and the way of approach were completely different. By comparing and contrast between what I learned from Korea and here, I can upgrade my insight of America which has super-hegemonic power all over the world. Thank you professor!

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