Studying New America

This class was very interesting for me to learn about America. I liked how this class introduced multiple sides of America. Before I come to this country, I had mostly positive image of it, and I knew little about it. As I take this class through the quarter, I learned not only many different sides of America, but also the concept that “having only one definition is dangerous.” I realize that I need to know as many thing as I can, in order to understand the truth.

The most interesting lecture for me was about the article written by Jean Baudrillard. It was interesting for me because I did the reading response, and I think this article had the most interesting in-class discussion we had in this quarter. When I first read his article, I was so confused and did not understand what he want to say because he does not explain his thoughts in this article. Thus, in the in-class discussion, I was able to know my group member’s different intention. Some of them were totally new to me, and I was surprised how they can come up with that. I think I will remember this lecture even ten years from now.

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