It’s Only the Beginning [Final Thoughts]

I was really grateful that I took this class, not only did I learn a lot about American culture, I also learned a lot about myself and my own understanding of the United States.  I think one thing that really stuck to me was Baudrillard’s hyper-reality, I am really interested in the philosophy of the existence of a hyper-real world and I would probably remember it in ten years.  I feel like I would probably end up redrawing the piece of art work I did for my manifesto in a couple years, since I only had two days to work on it and I thought that it was a nice idea. In the class one thing I learned was the different perspectives people have on America and how those people effects American culture. From Native Americans to modern hip-hop I felt like we went over a large timeline but barely touched the surface of each subject. I hope that in the future I could dig deeper into some of the subjects we learned in this class. Overall this class was very successful and I am really glad with what I learned.  I am looking forward in using what I learned in other classes. Thank you for such an amazing class!

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