Final Thoughts

This class was not at all what I expected it be.  I learned a lot of thing not specifically related to the class but useful information about myself and other countries.  I never realized how much of an “Americanized” bubble I live in.  Things that seemed obvious to me we so foreign to others in the class; it really took me by surprise.  For example, the term freedom, I never think of it as freedom itself because I am used to it.  Another example is the diversity of the United States, I live in it, see it everyday and therefore I did not realize Americans were the only ones to have so much of it.

Ten years from now I will remember the interesting form of teaching of the class and also all of the cool readings and videos shown in class.  Also, by having to write a manifesto it showed myself the importance of America and made me realize how much I love and respect my country.  I am so proud to be an American and I would not change anything about my experience in America.  I understand that there are a lot of bad things but that will happen in any part of the world.  So, when I look back I will mostly remember how this class has opened my eyes to a new point of view and the appreciation for my country!

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