Final Homework

American Studies was an interesting class that helped me creates my own version of America. It was a great opportunity to study the U.S in the U.S, not just in history classes but with such diversity opinions about consumerism, hip-hop, pop art, nationalism and social movements that a class with Japanese, Korean, Chinese, American, and Brazilian people can have. Some readings were hard to understand and to create a solid opinion about them. My favorite one was the comic about prisons and drugs. After classes and discussions were pretty impressive see the topics discussed and studied applied in the day life. The news brought by this course forĀ  me were learn that even Americans think that they are consumerists, that coca cola can bring a democratic feeling, that prisons in the U.S are more than just places to lock people that not follow the rules, but are also, a huge industrial complex and the manifest destiny. Ten years from now a lot of things can change in the U.S, but I think will be easier to understand the changes after taking this class. Thinking about what I will remember from this class, I just can think about that there is not a single truth about what is the United States of America.

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