Final Homework: What I’ve learned from AMS30

When I decided to take this class in Korea, I just wanted to know about America and its culture for a try. This is just because I was going to be in the U.S. for several month. At that time, I’ve studied thing from the U.S., the center of most of the studies, but there were not that many things that I knew about it. I thought it was kind of ironic. I think that is the main reason I decided to take this class.

When I took this class for the first time, I was little bit surprised that there were many reading materials to read. As a foreigner, I think it is the hardest part of this class, still. I was challenging. Since I am a really slow reader, it takes really long time to read and understand the readings. But I think it’s much better now than before thanks for this class.

In this class, I enjoy connecting the course materials to movies that I’ve watched. I enjoy watching movies. But I didn’t use to deeply think about them within cultural and social background. I just enjoy it as it is. However, after taking this class, I watched and understand the movies that I watched again in another way. For example, I watched Factory Girl, one of my favorite, in the context of hyperreality or sometimes, Andy Warhol’s idea. It was also fun.

The other thing that I enjoyed in this class is the subjects which are unfamiliar for me, such as Prison Business or the perspectives toward Indians. In Korea, I’ve never thought about this issues, because there are only few ethnic groups in my home country and those kind of issues are not that important to us. I also didn’t know that it is important issues for american to consider. It was really new to me.

I also like that I have chance to talk to not only other international students, but also native american. I live with only Korean, and in other classes that I take, there is only a few chance to talk to others in English. Even though that I’m not a kind of person who are talkative, it still had good chances to chat with other students.

After 10 years…. I’ve talked a lot about this issue with my house mate. What are we doing after 10 years? or What will we think about now after 10 years? like this. I think after 10 years, I think this class as the starting point to understand the real America in the American’s viewpoint. I will think like, ‘Oh, at that time, I really enjoyed Andy Warhol’s reading. Maybe, that’s the time that I’ve been more interested in him.’ Like this!

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