Final Homework

The thought of not knowing scared me. I found myself debating whether or not I should take an American Studies class. I was not polished with the history of anything, let alone America. I’ve come to find out that I have learned more in this class about life in general, than all of my previous classes combined. Also, I learned that after taking AMS 30 I am less scared of the unknown. I discovered I am an individual of many who cannot quite put their finger on America. As soon as you think you know America, one small thing could change your thoughts, perceptions and values. One reading that will forever live with me is Andy Warhol’s “America.” I was more than happy to read on something that related so much to me. The thought of individuals being comfortable not exploring the world because of the perceptions already shared on television was great. The fact of people being comfortable in their environments and creating their own image of other places from movies, magazines and so on was intriguing. I absolutely loved my experience in this class. I would love to experience it again the same way, to try and find out if my perception on America would change all over again.

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