Final Homework

In 10 years, I will remember how diverse this class was.  There were people from so many different backgrounds and countries in this class.  It was interesting to hear how the United States is different from other countries, especially because I have lived in the United States my entire life.  I am not familiar with any other type of lifestyle so it was interesting to hear what the students from other countries had to say about the United States.  This class did not turn out how I expected it to be, but there were parts of it that I ended up enjoying.  I liked the study we did on pop art, especially Andy Warhol’s artwork.  I am a Design major and I have studied him before, but what we learned in this class put a twist on what I already knew about him.  I really like him as an artist, so it was interesting to see his role in American popular culture.  I also liked the last study we did on the prison system and the war on drugs.  I think the fact that the readings included pictures really helped get the points across.  The facts that were presented in the readings were very interesting and eye opening.  Overall, parts of this class were interesting and I am glad I got to experience an American Studies class at Davis before I leave.

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