After AMS30

At first I decided to take this course, I expected to learn and understand more about America and Americans. This was my last quarter in UC Davis, but I didn’t know a lot of things about America even if I have living here for 7 months. Through the courses, I could learn many aspects of America; I didn’t even expect that I will learn about the things like the stories about the prisons in America. The unexpected topics were very interesting. However, some texts were difficult to understand, and some classes were difficult because they were somewhat deeper that I thought it might be.

I think I’ll remember several things in this class. First, I would not forget the class itself I had. It was a great experience that I discussed with students from many other countries. Actually, in other classes, it is very hard to talk with all class together. Also, I will remember some of the contents of the course. One of the most memorable things I saw in this course is the videos we have seen. I am a person like visual things than text, so they made me easier to understand and they were very interesting. Related to each text, they made me to think more about the topics. And 10 years later, if I have an opportunity to talk about America and Americans, I might use the knowledges I have learnt in this course.

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