What I will remember 10 years from now.


What I will definitely remember in 10 years is “elbow space”. When I watched the video about “elbow space” for the first time, I didn’t understand what it meant at all. This means that American people pursue as many spaces or rooms as possible. This was very impressive for me because this way of thinking people in the U.S has had in common is self-evident if we look through the long history of the U.S. The first immigrant came to this New World to get their comfortable place and after they settled in America they started exploring even more places by persecuting Native American. In world war era, they invaded all over the world. In addition, after the big war ended, the U.S found other places to conquer, which are other planets. For example, in the cold war era, they made a great number of efforts to make spaceships by competing with the Soviet Union so as to go to the moon. They are trying to find other planets where people can live now. I learned various things in this AMS, such as cultural imperialism, representation of the U.S, overconsumption, the problem of prisons and all of them are quite interesting for me. But, still, this “elbow space” was the most interesting for me. I learned that this way of thinking has been rooted in American people’s mind.

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