Spring Quarter with Some Pretty Cool People

When reflecting on this past quarter in American studies, one word sticks out to me: Diversity. This class has broadened my horizons through the many international students that we had in this class. I have never had a class where the American students were outnumbered, but I have to admit, I have enjoyed this unique class dynamic. Because of the different perspective that this class receives literally from all over the world we are able to view American images in a different light. This class has taught me that an image of an American flag means something totally different than someone from say Japan. The Manifestos were a prime example of this. When assigned this project, any student could literally pick any image because it is so broad. I found it really interesting to see the different images that the different students chose. No two images were alike. I enjoyed seeing some of the international students images that were unexpected because they never see things like it in their home country. It made me take a step back and realize that some everyday items may be brand new to other students. In ten years, I will look back on this class and remember all of the new international students that I met and the wonderful teacher that was so excited to be there everyday! Thank you to everyone in this class for making it a great quarter! I will truly miss you all 🙂


About tayjern

Hello my name is Taylor Jern and I am a sophomore majoring in Managerial Economics. I am from Corona, CA which is in Southern California. My hobbies include all sports especially soccer, which I play on the Women's Soccer Team here at Davis. I would love to get to know you! :)
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