My memory of AMS30

Before I came to the USA, all my knowledge of America is: this is a country of freedom, a country of fast-development, a country of imagination, a country of dream and fantasy. However, these impressions were all too abstract.

I didn’t have a clear impression on the real America at that time. Then  I got the opportunity of studying abroad in America.  I have become an exchange student of UC Davis. In the Spring quarter I found there was an interesting course introduction of the America study course called Images of America. Without hesitation I chose this course to study.

The first went to class, I remembered the teacher let us to draw something I thought about America. I just drew a logo of Mcdonald’s. Maybe at that time the first idea of America was just fast food. However, this class taught me a lot of things about the USA. I had read a lot of reading materials about the American cultures or history. I saw some videos or images in this class. Now if you let me draw one thing to describe the USA, I will feel a little hard to make a decision, because there are so many images or pictures or objects in my brain, they are all belong to America.

Time goes so fast, the course will be ending in next Monday. However, all the things I have learnt in this class have become something like one part of my brain and I will remember them last long.


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