Homework Assignment

It will be the last time that I can study American Study in the Unites States of America. I would remember this class with my first America life, because it is not a common opportunity for a foreign student to study ‘America’ in America. Not just learn from the books and videos, I could learn from the outside of the classroom by experiencing directly. I met ‘wonderful teeth’ in Baudrillard’s reading. I could find of other aspect of the America as I learned and experienced. I cannot imagine how the America would change in 10 years later, but I would guess how they change from their past. I already know or learned about some parts like Andy Warhol’s works or the Vietnam War. The newest part to me was prison part. What I know about the U.S’s prison is all from the dramas and that was all I know, but it was surprising that there is actually lobby group for prison benefit. Also, I learned about how the America still got through the racism against non-white people in crime penalty. It may be hard to remember specifically, but many of other America’s news or phenomenon will remind me this class. This class had many readings and assignment, so sometimes I was tired. However, anyway those materials helped me understand the U.S.

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