10 years down the road

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would remember about this class in 10 years.   But probably what I will remember most is about how diverse this group of students were.  We had people in this class from several different countries and several different continents.  It was interesting getting to hear from people who weren’t originally from the United States and hearing their opinions about how different and similar it is to their home countries.  It amazed me about how people viewed different aspects of the United States that felt were very common or just standard, but I found out that many aspects of my life that I felt would be universal in most countries are not common at all.  This was very beneficial for me because I have not spent much time out of the country but the times I have been out of the country I have traveled to are very typical American tourist locations so I do not know what really happens in these other countries.  But now I have a better perspective about United States and how everywhere has different opportunities and provide different experiences.  I feel I will be thankful in 10 years that I took this class.

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