What I will remember from this class.

Being a biological sciences major, it was a nice change of pace to be able to take this class and learn about something completely different. In fact, this whole spring quarter has been something very different for me. This was my first quarter which has been almost completely removed from science. This was the first quarter where I was not required to calculate any equations or participate in any lab since attending UC Davis. The classes I took were this AMS 30 class, a philosophy of BioSci class, and an Entomology class. Each one of these classes has been something completely different than anything I have ever taken before. My philosophy class had us challenge scientific methods what try further define what even constitutes as science. My entomology class (yes it is technically still a science class) had me learn all about insects which is a topic that I was apparently very ill-informed about.  This AMS 30 class was something completely different too. Never had I taken a cultural studies class before this one and the fact that the class was full of students from an international background I was exposed to many different perceptions of America and even the whole world. This is probably what I will take away from this class and the quarter as a whole. By studying the world through so many different lenses (especially in AMS 30) I have learned a great deal about the world we live in. The ability to see something from a different perspective is what I have gained through this and all my other classes this quarter and is probably (hopefully) what will stick with me the longest.

Thanks for a fun quarter,


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