What I learned from this class

As an International student, this class is actually pretty hard for me. Even though sometime I found the readings and material difficult to understand, looking back the whole quarter, I really learned something and got interested in some part of the course.

Most of the time we were talking about images and I think what I learned from this class most is how to interpret images from different aspects and to search more information related to the images to enlarge my knowledge. Besides, I also got the chance to take a brief look at some important events about the U.S., for example, the Gulf War, Andy Warhol and the prison things. I also learned something not about this course, this is my first time having class with American students, listening to their opinion was what I really enjoyed. And I also improved my writing ability through this quarter.

I think what I will still remember 10 years from now should be the most impressive images for me in this. Several images are unforgettable, the American Progress one and the puppet one created by Andy Warhol. And I think I would also remember Andy Warhol for his unique. Moreover, every time I buy Coca Cola, it reminds me of the article about Coke and consumer democracy. Only if I still buy coke, I would not forget those posters and creative advertisements.

English: Andy Warhol

English: Andy Warhol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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