Oh I remember….

10 years from now, when I look back to my one year adventure studying abroad in UC Davis, I would say “Oh, I remember that AMS 30 class!” The last class of AMS 30 was officially my last class at UC Davis, and AMS 30’s final exam will be officially my last exam.

Most courses I took here are economics, statistics and math. I would say I probably could barely remember any sophisticated theory or mathematical formulas after ten years. But AMS 30 is different. This was my first time took any social science class in UCD, and it was the only class that I had a lot of different feelings about. 

I felt challenged when I tried to finish all the readings and papers. I remember those endless nights that I spent on readings and on editing my papers.

 I felt shocked by the class materials every single time, especially those visual materials. I would remember the painful face of the Vietnam girl with napalm on her back. I would remember the happiness of Donald Duck’s being an American citizen. I would remember the song “Love and Hope” asking for equality.

I felt uncomfortable and frustrated sometimes when I face with cultural shocks in this class. I had to deal with my own stereotypes about America and tried to correct them. Moreover, I had to face other people’s stereotypes about China and tried to tell them what was truly happening in China.

I felt…

Those feelings are what I will remember. Just like Rob Thomas saying in the song “Little Wonders”, “in the end we will only just remember how it feels.”

There is no other class that can evoke my emotions so much like this one, but I love it. And I appreciate it. Those controversial topics made me to think critically and those images stuck into my head. As I spend more time thinking, I feel I know who I am better.

One quarter is too short. Thanks to the encouragements given by the professor. Thanks to all the friends I met in the class. I feel pitiful that I don’t have chance to talk to so many other classmates, but thank you for sharing your thoughts in the classes and blogs. I appreciate being a member in this class.

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