Memory fragments about AMS 30

I wrapped up my exchange year in UC Davis by AMS 30. I expected it serve as strengthening my memory and impression about this country, but it helped me far more than this. I learned a lot about American history, status quo, American culture, and this society’s most concerning issues. What gave me the most impression is Andy Worhol’s art works, because it shows me the diversity and the energy of this society. The fierce color he drew for Marilyn Monroe and Chairman Mao will perhaps last in my memory even ten years from now. About violence issues, We saw a bunch of iconic pictures of this nation, like the Vietnam girl, and these pictures will keep reminding me that though the environment for us is peaceful and harmonious, there are still some parts of this world that have fights and unstable threats. We should care for them and help them. This serves as an ideology for me and I believe this would last in my memory, too. I will have my POL 001 final on Monday, and I have to say that this course have a lot help for me on my pol 1 study, too. This is because of the Boston tea party and related history moments we learned. I’m very thankful that I took this course.

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