A Challenging Class

AMS 30 is really a challenging class for international students, but it is a good opportunity for us to improve our English learning skills. After I attended in this class, I find United States is not only the most developed country, but has its own rich culture. Though I major in Finance, I never heard about Consumer Democracy before. I know Coca-cola is popular around the world, but I don’t know it has its own special consumer perception, and I believe it is a new inspiration in my following business life after we have a deep talk in the class. Actually I’m not a history lover, so I never read history books on my own initiative, and I usually keep silence awkwardly when my friends are chatting about history. But AMS 30 forced me to read a lot of articles about America history, and I find it is not so boring as I thought before. I am glad that I am able to participate my friends’ history talking in the future. The most important thing I have realized is nothing is impossible to a willing heart. Most time I cannot achieve what I want is because I am afraid to try, for example I avoided reading history books was because I was afraid I could not understand, but i will overcome my own fears and try new things.

Of course I improved my reading and writing skills. The articles are long and have large vocabularies, I had to spend lots time to read a article, but I did it. At last, I found I improved my reading speed and able to understand articles more  accurate. And about the writing, I really appreciate professor that she helped me to edit my papers.

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