What I Learned

I have learned a lot of very interesting and sometimes seemingly random information in this class this quarter. Ten years from now I will remember how to do in text citations in MLA format. I had learned how to do them before but I have never had to do as many as I have in this class and this quarter in general. I will also remember all of the different perspectives I heard about America. Being from the United States, I had never really considered what truly represents this country before. On the first day of class it was interesting to see all of the things people came up with such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds. I believe on my drawing I put a picture of the White House, but I think I missed the point of the assignment because I truly couldn’t think of what represents this country I’ve been here too long! Seeing  most of the images that people drew come up in class discussions was interesting because that meant that not only do the people in this class find them to be representations of America, so do a lot of really smart people. I really enjoyed hearing from the students who are not from the United States and seeing how they viewed different topics.

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