What I learnt in this class

Before this class, my knowledge about the United States is narrow and limited. What came to my mind first are just equality, democracy, and consumer culture and I do not know deeper meanings of what these means to the United States. Firstly, I learned that many things in our life are linked to politics without our awareness, such as the popularity of Cocacola and abstract pictures made by Andy Wahol. Secondly, I think that different aspects of America together work out what America is. The wars and conflicts in early years made bases for American industrialization while set barriers among different ethnic groups in America. As a result, American developed a consumer culture based on the advanced industry and developed hip-hop culture based on the conflicts of different ethnic groups. Thirdly, I learned that the presentations of a certain culture are diverse. Movies, TV serious and songs are all reflects of culture.

I think after 10 years I will still have fresh memories of the two songs: Elbow Room, and Love and Hope. I love these songs and am impressed by them not only because of the fair-sounding melody but also because of the energy and hope they express. They are composed in different backgrounds but both of them show great ambitions and opportunities of life. I think the United State has gained many strength from these thoughts.


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