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Qiongyao Feng (Elena)


Reading response

All the thoughts in Marita Sturken’s head was caused by wars. And we have to recognize how horror the wars are, such as the Vietnam Syndrome. Marita Sturken mentioned the truth of wars, in page 125, he said “The American public experienced the Persian Gulf War though the medium of television, and television’s images are central to its history.” I cannot agree more about that, the stories appeared in mediums contained the story makers’ opinion, so we not only got the information about the wars but also the story makers’ opinion. The result of that is most people believe what mediums said, and the government could control people’s mind easily. Even television, as immediate technology, participated in wars reporting, it produced “instant history”. The ridiculous result showed that CNN coverage did not help citizens formulate informed opinions about the war. In addition, the more television Americans watched, the less they knew. The mediums totally lost their functions. In the era of information explosion, everyone of us should gains the skill that telling the value of the information. There is a true story happened around me, the government of Japan revised the history textbooks, and the new generation don’t know what their fathers’ and grandfathers’ generation did to China, that is huger disrespect to China. I really think mediums have responsibility to tell people truth, but not make stories to make governments happy.

United States is a country think highly of human rights. I remember laws in United States do not allow artificial abortion. And there was a time, United States criticized Family Plan Policy in China, they thought everyone had right to live, and the right should not be taken away. However, just as Marita Sturken mentioned in his article, “the image icons of the Gulf War are of weapons and targets, not of human beings”, the whole country paid attention to technology but not the victims, who can explain where the human rights is? United States judged other countries, but ignored what itself did. In my mind, a person who can judges others because he or she do good enough, then I doubt whether United Stated has the power to lead the whole world about human rights in the future.

Marita Sturken also talked about yellow ribbon. And it has come to symbolize a means of remembering someone who is away, possibly in danger. There is a similar story in China, it is about a poor and loving couple, who lived on farm life. However, because of the war, the husband was asked to fight for the war. And the wife looked forward her husband coming back everyday. Year after year, because she looked at the same direction for her husband for a long time, she became a stone – “Amah Rock”. I want to say wars are the root of all evil. It makes people painful with infinite missing and wait. The thing I don’t want to see most is that the husband promised his wife, he would back in safe, and then the wife looked forward her husband back everyday, but at the end, the government told the wife, her husband died in battlefield. I cannot image how painful the woman will be, but every time I think about this, I feel uncomfortable whole day.

I really hope the world can be peaceful, no wars, no conflict, then we don’t have to tell whether mediums report the truth about the war, and we also don’t need to tie yellow ribbon on the tree.

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  1. wuyue2004101 says:

    About the Gulf War and the ideology behind it, I think we should first clarify on one point that the war is started by interests. Human rights is important, but when things come to self interest, all bad deeds can be excused. And I believe America joined this war not because they want to protect someone or to defend human rights, but because there’s abundant fossil fuel buried underground. Fossil fuel means money, means development, and means expanding powers. And in this political context, all is forgiven. The truth is sad, but we need to accept it. This is what’s in my mind.
    As the text mentioned, mass media played an important role in the America’s participation in this war. This is where the war’s main economic purpose can be covered by humanity reasons. We give hero honors, we give justice reason in the war. But as far as I see, we couldn’t just simply buy the ideology imposed on us by the mass media or our government. Just like what you’ve come up with, CNN coverage and Japanese history textbook, we can easily change people’s emotions by covering or adding something. On the other side, maybe we in our nation is over emphasizing on some part of history and hurt us by this action. In a word, we can’t just buy the ideology imposed on us.

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