America, you are colorful


Dear America

Hello, America. How are you? You always look great.

Guess what? Today, I found cool crayons which are called “people color crayons.”

Isn’t it amazing? I never thought I could have crayons just for drawing people!

I’ll tell you my story.

This is shame on me, but I always thought people color means peach or yellow color.

Just like what I have!

I’ve never hesitated to draw people with these colors.

However, I found out I was wrong.

There are a lot of people who have different skin colors.

I was a little rash. I apologize for that…Sorry, America.

Oh, actually I am sorry for the world.

Now I think America, you are so colorful!

You have many colors on you!

You have Black, White, Yellow, Brown…..

These are all people color. I overlooked the important thing.

You are so opened and so generous, aren’t you?

You are accepting people from a lot of countries and embracing them with your huge arms.

I’ve never seen this colorful country with various people like America!

What a country of abundance!

In my country, there are only people just like me.

We have same colors, same cultures, and same custom.

Foreigners stick out because they look totally different with us.

Some people still say “Hey, there is a foreigner” when we see a foreigner.

Also, some stupid people think all White people are American.

Don’t you think it is funny? This is ironical.

But America, I heard a voice.

Is there only diversity in America…?

I also heard these kinds of words. Race and Ethnic.

What about these? Discrimination.

“Oh my god, the Black guy is coming here, I’m so scared.”

“That Hispanic guy must be poor. I don’t want to be close to him.”

“Asians can’t speak English, so I don’t have to be kind to them.”

What’s wrong with these?

Don’t you think it is weird?

You have diversity exteriorly, but you have unnecessary superiority inside!

You are not the one that has a right to look down other people. Don’t delude yourself.

I was very upset when I was treated by you rudely.

Hey, America.

You have to take care of people who are suffering from discrimination.

You have to deal with these negative words.

Stereotype. Prejudice.

And, you should be responsible for your people.

America, stop being so mean.

You have a lot of problems that you should solve.

Don’t try to avoid yourself.

America, you have two faces.

What is your real face? I have no idea to figure it out.

Tell me what the truth is.

I’ll be waiting for your reply.



Danbi Kim

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2 Responses to America, you are colorful

  1. danbi13 says:

    The picture above is taken from Google Images. I first saw this picture on a website called Naver, which is the most famous search engine in Korea. Naver is comparable to Google in the United States. The reason why this picture attracted many people’s attention is that there are no other crayon companies that offer crayons specifically the color of people. These crayons are made by Lakeshore, a retail company that sells learning materials used at school. Lakeshore started its business in California, and it made PEOPLE COLORS crayons to make it possible for children to draw people from all over the world.
    Since I did not know that this kind of crayon exists, I thought it was very interesting. This picture shows us the variety of race and ethnicities that have their own color. You can find the faces that are drawn on this picture. The all faces have different color and appearances. I chose this picture because I thought it represented the situation of America as well. In America, there are a lot of people who have a different background than any other countries. It also shows harmony of different races.
    However, there was an issue that this crayon could be offensive to some people and lead to racial discrimination. This shows a social problem in America as well. I think this problem related to this commercial good should be cared carefully because children would use it.

    The homepage of Lakeshore,

  2. cdowens says:

    I really appreciate the line “Don’t try to avoid yourself.” It can be read in so many ways considering your critique — very thought provoking!

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