A KFC Tub:What’s inside?

kfc bucket of chicken


White hair, white beard, and white suit,

It seems you are trying to prove you are as pure as snow.

When I first saw you, I even mixed you with Santa Claus.

But you are not, what is inside the tub shows the real you.

Are you still proud of being yourself?

Are you still feeling lucky that you are strong and able to make profits?

You achieved a great success by spreading your name all over the world, but you cannot step further right now.

Why are your market shares decreasing?

Why are people getting mad at you, even the Americans?

I’m tired of seeing your smiling faces.

Smiles fade because of dishonesty.


Big tub, big chickens, and a big bite,

America is a generous place without worrying about the food.

When people come in, they will feel your enthusiasm.

But you are not, the origin of the meat reveal the secret.

Don’t you feel cruel for the chickens while accelerating maturity?

Don’t you feel guilty for making people eat more and gain weight?

You achieved a great success by earning money all over the world, but you cannot maintain that now.

Why advertisements are just used for misleading?

Why just seeking cheap recourses of food to reduce the cost?

I am tired of the attracting food.

Food is popular only when it is healthy and delicious.


I used to dream about you, because I can only have such taste once a year.

America used to be proud of you, because the whole earth knows that KFC comes from there.

I’m in America now.

I would open a small shop,

Selling fast food that can be trusted,

Even if it cannot bring me an extra income.

So please show the real you.

There is a great deal of time to improve.

Stop doing flashy things!

Stop abandoning everything just for money!


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AMS 30 Spring 2013, GSP
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2 Responses to A KFC Tub:What’s inside?

  1. Richard says:

    This picture is actually found in the website “http://aneveningmeal.blogspot.com/2011/02/kfc-secret-recipe-revealed.html” which was created in Thursday, February 24, 2011 to reveal a recipe of KFC. In this image, there is a huge bucket filled with chickens. On the bottle, the founder of KFC, Colonel Harland David Sanders is printed with the “KFC” trademark beside him.
    Colonel Harland David Sanders (September 9, 1890 – December 16, 1980) was an American businessman and restaurateur who founded the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant chain.
    He had a miserable childhood because of the early death of his father and the home violence of his stepfather. (James C. Klotter, 131&132) He was not lucky until his KFC career began. However, he was 66 years old at that time. Before that, he had tried many jobs but none of them suit him well. Then he became famous. Since he had been in the army, the Kentucky government recommitted him as Colonel Sanders to encourage him to continue his fried chicken career. His dressing in white suit with goatee also became a global image towards KFC and America. (Time. Retrieved 2010-09-18)
    Now, KFC is the world’s second largest restaurant chain overall after McDonald’s.
    The reason why I choose this picture will cover three points. First, this image reminds people of American dream, which means you will achieve your ideal eventually only if you have struggled enough. That means freedom including the opportunity and success. When I was young, the first American thing that was available for me is the KFC, and I was enjoying myself there. Second, this image shows the consumption culture in the U.S. Actually I am influenced by Andy Warhol because he just wrote:” Tab is Tab and no matter how rich you are, you can’t get a better one than the one the homeless woman on the corner is drinking. All the Tabs are just the same. And all the Tabs are good.”(22) That intrigues me to a certain degree. This is the first time I have heard such definition of egalitarianism. Last but not least, this image is showing an American icon, which is similar to the Coca Cola. “Coca cola is what Roland Barthes has called a “totem-drink,” and more than any other food (except, perhaps, hamburgers, with which it is often served), this beverage has come to symbolize the American nation.”(Mark Weinter, 1) KFC does have the same functions as well. Therefore, it is obvious for me to choose the KFC bucket image to represent America though it is a common thing we are observing in daily life. It does have special meanings but we ignore it in most cases.
    Work cited:
    1. Ozersky, Josh (2010-09-15). “KFC’s Colonel Sanders: He Was Real, Not Just an Icon”. Time. Retrieved 2010-09-18.
    2. James C. Klotter, The Human Tradition in the New South
    3. Warhol Andy, America. New York: Harper & Row, 1985

  2. qfeng2013 says:

    KFC or Mcdonald’s became very popular in China in the last 15 years. We thought food in KFC or Mcdonald’s were delicious and nutritious. However, more and more news reported the truth that KFC was junk food in resent years. In order to make profit, sick chicken were used, but still been called healthy food.I have a friend, who worked for KFC last summer, after one week he worked there, he swore he wouldn’t eat KFC anymore. I asked him why, he said, “I never see a chicken with six legs, but KFC use such chicken to make Fired Chicken Legs. I feel disgusting when I think about the chicken.”It is true, that’s why more and more Chinese get away from America fast food. It may brought a huge profits to KFC in short run when use sick chickens, but in the long run, KFC may lost all customers and have to shut down. In my thought, loyalty is the key of success of any brand, if KFC want to be success in China, it should provide safety food to its customers. It is easy to destroy a brand while build a brand is really difficult, KFC should change the mode of operation and gain back the trust of the customers before it destroy the brand.

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