In-Class Activity: Photos from Daily Life that Represent ‘America’

2013-04-14_16.49.01Eunsol’s photo received the following writing response from classmates:
1.  In the picture, I see lots of trees in the bottom and sky. I think this shows that American territory is broad and wide land and lots of grassed areas. When I see this picture, huge and big American image comes to my mind first.

2.Dear Blue Skies America,
We wrote songs about you, and tied your name into phrases like “land of the free” and “home of the brave.” You are possibility, and futures, and expectations. First manned flight, Kitty Hawk? Then NASA and OPL and Houston and Cape Canaveral, you make America keep hoping and striving. We really like idealizing you and seeing you as the boundless possibility. When we have overcrowded these verdant fields and amber waves of grain, your skies will be our new Manifest Destiny.

3. America, stop being so mysterious! People that don’t know you can think of you in a thousand ways but those who say they know you say that you are just the opportunity land. So, who really are you?


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