In-Class Activity: Photos from Daily Life that Represent ‘America’


Susan’s photo received the following three writing responses from classmates:

1. Everything is so green. Americans have time to chill in the middle of the day. Not many in the audience are actually looking at the stage. There is a lot of freedom for public gathering.

2. Dear America,
Thanks for giving me time to enjoy the sunshine on the grass. Because of you, I can read books while relaxed. You always bring me a big joy. You are a kind of shelter whenever I am tired of studying and need time to be relaxed. Again, thanks for giving me such a great place and time and I will promise you to take care of you as well as you do [me].

3. America, stop letting the squirrels cross the road. I don’t know if it’s only the case of Davis, but I found a lot of squirrels crossing the road and also I saw one squirrel almost hit by a bicycle. I think America should take action on this.


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