In-Class Activity: Photos from Daily Life that Represent ‘America’

SF Donut

Lawrence’s photo received the following three writing responses from classmates:

1. Represents Baseball and the popularity of it in the United States. It has a double meaning too and represents the unhealthy eating habits of the US.

2. Dear America,
I’m sorry I don’t know a lot about you. I am just told that you represent a sports team. Is that right? It seems you are very popular so people put you on bread and I hope it sells well. You look really delicious : ).

3. America, stop being so crazy abou sports!! I think most sports tickets’ (especially baseball, basketball, basketball, football) price is tooooooo expensive for everyone to enjoy. I was really shocked when I tried to buy LA Lakers tickets last spring break. It was over $200, and the most expensive VIP seats were over $1000. That’s crazy. Everyone has a right to enjoy sports!!


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