In-Class Activity: Photos from Daily Life that Represent ‘America’


Richard’s photo received the following writing response from classmates:

1. I guess this picture represents a comfortable and free lifestyle. People enjoy their life and they look like they are enjoying looking at this funny makeup guy.

2. Dear America,
Thank you for great performances. I have never imagined that balloons can be made this way. You are really creative and entertaining. It’s so much fun to watch you performance this afternoon.

3. I saw him in the market a few days ago. i never thought i could see him by myself, because i just saw in books and on TV. I hope he can appear at my birthday party and he brings a lot of fun to me and my friends. That should be a a dream when I was in childhood, and I hope I can achieve it now.


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  1. cdowens says:

    I should also note that Richard found a different meaning in his photo: after seeing his first clown in the US he did some internet research and was impressed by how clowns often work to cheer up and entertain children and the elderly (and thereby convey some respect for these groups).

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