In-Class Activity: Photos from Daily Life that Represent ‘America’

Red Cups_2

David’s photo received the following writing responses from three classmates:

1. This picture shows some factory-products. I think that it is kind of representative of the USA’s capitalism.

2. Dear America,
I feel so sorry that you always produce so many disposable products. I understand that you don’t want to clean up all the mess after parties. But you are suffering from too much trash that is thrown out every year. I think this is the time — now you need to come up with a solution to resolve this problem.

3. America, stop being so excessive! The image you project abroad is perpetually one of impermanence, disposableness, and… general excess.
America, have less frippery and debauchery.
America, you don’t need to remind everyone of how wealthy you like to imagine yourself to be. You can’t afford the leisure that you allow yourself. Maybe there was the warhead phase with the Soviets, but you’ve long fallen out of power.
America, go home. You’re drunk.


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